Lucie is a young multifaceted Parisian woman whose endless energy and desire for independence (her beloved parents had stopped giving her pocket money) pushed her to work in various eccentric jobs and positions from hostess in a restaurant, to journalist or sales staff in a traditional bakery in the South of France while studying.

In 2011 she decided to leave Paris for new opportunities. She joined Isabelle’s consulting company and contributed to grow the business in Asia (work like crazy for this close to burn out French girl).

Highly motivated, independent, enthusiastic, she decided together with Isabelle to cofound a brand that will represent this “joie de la vivre a la francaise” Suzette – an accessory brand made of exotic skins.

Further to Suzette, (as if it was not stressful enough to create a brand) she co-founded art-of-shop.

November 05, 2015 — lucie hanon