Welcome to Delekselja, the world of Svetlana Rājeva. 
Svetlana lives in Northern Europe (Baltic Sea country - Latvia) also known like one of the greenest country of Europe.
Song festival, Amber stone, Rye Bread are three vital symbols of her country. For her the most special about her country is the 4 different seasons and variety of Nature, that is an unfailing source of inspiration!
She is grateful for the name her parents gave her - Svetlana - and happy to strive to fulfill it’s meaning -> “Share the Light” through her Art and her creations!
Passionate about the Woven Wall Hangings, Svetlana decided to launch her brand. 
Her creations  will become an elegant and modern highlight of your sweet home or work studio!
Hand-woven with great care combining various weaving techniques to bring rich textures and look.
Discover the Svetlana's collection and find your special treasure!
September 08, 2016 — Isabelle Allix